Lillian Abel

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These compositions suggest forms that are present and forms that are absent. Layers that hide and reveal. Out of disorder comes order, out of darkness comes light, out of time to present, from ignorance to enlightenment.

I take a lot of inspiration from nature as I find peace there, however my paintings depict both turmoil and peace.

I’ve been told that my work is a contradiction due to the turmoil and acrid colors that I use. Then others see the peace more than the turmoil. They are open to interpretation. I am a bit of a contradiction as I am aware of the destruction (by man and weather) of nature as well as it’s regeneration and how it always manages to recover. The peace I experience in nature is a comfort.

I do the work in my studio and not outdoors and although I love being in the wilderness, I work from my emotion, memory and from my impulse. Sometimes the paintings become what they need to be right away, others I need to live with and see them another day and are re-imagined, and therefore totally different, others just modified. I am happy with the work when worlds within worlds appear, when I create surprises, when I have no idea where the forms and images came from. They just happen.